How to use Visual Studio in a different international language

Visual Studio has always allowed to select the language of the environment in the Options window, Environment > International Settings section:

But, how do you get a new international language installed? The answer depends on the Visual Studio version:

Finally, there is a way to programmatically launch Visual Studio in the desired language:

devenv.exe /LCID <LocaleID>

where <LocaleID> can be 1033 for English, 3082 for Spanish, etc.

One thought on “How to use Visual Studio in a different international language”

  1. I do not have the “International Settings” option itself. And I’m pretty sure it is because the VS2008 is in pure German. The only way to install an English Language Pack to this is via an update. However, when I try to update, it says “No updates found”. I’m lost !

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