Extension Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects now available

Visual Studio 2010 offered some Visual Studio Installer projects that were removed in Visual Studio 2012, being replaced by a limited edition of InstallShield. That was not a very popular decision so Microsoft restored the Visual Studio Installer projects for Visual Studio 2013 in the form of an extension:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Installer Projects

And for Visual Studio 2015 a new extension was released:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Installer Projects

And now that Visual Studio 2017 has been released (and the InstallShield project is not even provided), a new extension has been released:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects

Once installed through the Extensions and Updates dialog:

it provides the new installer projects templates:

2 thoughts on “Extension Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects now available”

  1. Hi Carlos, We’re using VS2015 and want to go to VS2017, but when Microsoft stopped supporting their own installer product we had to move to install shield limited edition. This doesn’t (yet?) support VS2017. Is the only option now to go back to using the Microsoft installer?

    Cheers, Des 🙂

    1. Hi Des,

      Sorry for the delay. I personally use InnoSetup , which is free and script-based, with preprocessor, etc., very very powerful.

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