New download location for Visual Studio language packs and updates

If you try to download some language packs, SDKs and updates for old Visual Studio versions from some links, you will notice that they no longer work, giving “Error 404 – Not found”. For example, this link still works at the time of this writing:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Language Pack

But these ones no longer work:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Language Pack


Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Language Pack

And the same can happen with Visual Studio updates.

Microsoft is complicating things, and what used to be direct downloads now require you an MSDN subscription, or to sign-up for Visual Studio Dev Essentials, which fortunately is free:

Once you have an account, then you can go to:

and click the Download buttons for the desired downloads of older Visual Studio versions:

Alternatively, you can go to:

and once you are logged-in, go to the Downloads section:

and use the search functionality to find the desired download:

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