Team Foundation Server

All TFS versions

  • TFS Integration
    By John Brown, Pluralsight
    This course will walk you through the integration of Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.

TFS 2015

  • End-to-end Software Development with Team Foundation Server 2015
    By Esteban Garcia, Pluralsight
    Team Foundation Server 2015 helps teams communicate and work together to deliver quality software. This course will teach you how to work effectively with TFS 2015’s features such as Agile planning, version control, build automation, testing, and more.
  • TFS Build 2015: First Look
    By Esteban Garcia, Pluralsight
    TFS 2015 and Visual Studio Online introduced a new build system. Take a first look at the new build system and explore the new customization options and cross-platform capabilities.

TFS 2013

  • Team Foundation Server 2013 New Features
    By John Brown, Pluralsight
    This course covers the Team Foundation Server 2013 New Features. This includes the Portfolio Management, Team Rooms, Work Item Charts, Lightweight code commenting, Git support, and Testing through Web Access.
  • Real World Scrum With Team Foundation Server 2013
    By Benjamin Day, Pluralsight
    Learn how to use Team Foundation Server 2013 to help your team and organization deliver great software using Scrum.

TFS 2012

  • ALM with TFS 2012 Fundamentals
    By Benjamin Day, Pluralsight
    This course provides an overview of Microsoft’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) stack, then drills in on how to use Team Foundation Server (TFS) to support your team’s use of ALM best practices.
  • ALM for Developers with Visual Studio 2012
    By Benjamin Day, Pluralsight
    This course covers Microsoft’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tooling from the perspective of a software developer including testing, software architecture, code quality, requirements and SQL Server database development.
  • Managing Work with Team Foundation Server 2012
    By John Brown, Pluralsight
    Managing Work using Team Foundation Server allows you and your team to be more effective and more transparent. This course will look at managing the details of your project using the new features of TFS 2012 .
  • Team Foundation Server Customization
    By Esteban Garcia, Pluralsight
    Customize TFS 2012 Work Item Tracking, Build Automation, Web Access, Process Templates, and internal services.

TFS 2010

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